Landing Page Editor Overview

Modified on Sat, 11 Feb 2023 at 04:29 PM

Login To your FlexiFunnels Dashboard.

Select a Project from the "Projects" Tab and Click On "Project Settings".

Select your Landing Page from the list of landing pages in the project.

Then click on the "EDIT PAGE" Button to open "Landing Page Editor".

Functions of the Different Settings of 

" Landing Page Editor".

1. SAVE - Click the “SAVE” Button To Save the edited Landing Page or to Update the changes. Click “SAVE” once you are done with Landing Page Editor.

2. PUBLISH - Click “PUBLISH” to make the Landing Page Live. Until you “PUBLISH” the Landing page Editor changes, the editor page will not reflect in the live landing page. 


1. Click “DESKTOP VIEW” to build the page in the desktop view of the Landing Page.

2. Click “MOBILE VIEW” to do all the mobile optimizations of the Landing Page. 

4. PLUS - Click on this Plus icon to Add Design blocks and components Such as “Section”,” Row”, and “Element” in the Landing Page Editor.

5. MOST USED COMPONENTS: From here one can add most used “Components” by just clicking on them and Dragging them to Landing Page Editor.

6. BACK TO PAGES - Click on “Back To Pages” to get back to the Landing Page List Screen inside the Project settings.

7. VIEW CODE - Click On view code to Edit Html and CSS code. (NOTE: Only use this option if you know both of these Languages) 

8. GEAR ICON - Click on the “Gear Icon” to edit Favicon Settings, Retargeting Code, SEO Settings, Pop-Up Settings, and Lazy Loader Settings. 

FAVICON - One can add a custom Favicon image to their Landing page by using this setting.

RETARGETING CODE - This Option is used to enter code in the “Head” and “Body” sections of the Landing Page Code.

SEO - This Option is used to edit the SEO settings of the Landing Page.

POP-UP - One can make the popups that they want to show on the landing page with this option.

LAZY LOADER - This option is used to make the images and videos load late to increase the page speed.


9. ACTION -  There are three settings in action. 

PUBLISHED URL - Click on "Published URL" to go to the Published URL of the Landing Page.


SAVE AS TEMPLATE - Click on "Save As Template" to save the entire page as a template. 

One can import Saved Templates into another Landing Page of the same account.


EDIT URL - Click on Edit URL to change the slug of any landing page. 


Here SLUG is the “thank-you”

Click on the “SAVE” button to change the SLUG of the URL.

10. UNDO & REDO -

Use the “Undo” button to reverse the action of earlier actions,

Use the “Redo” Button to restore any actions that were previously undone using the “Undo”.

11. PAGE TITLE - This area will show the Name of the particular landing page

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