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Modified on Wed, 03 Apr 2024 at 04:57 PM

This new feature is designed to boost your leads, sales, and overall conversions by making your videos more engaging.

Autoplay catches the user's attention with a video the moment they land on a webpage. It's great for showing off exciting, new, or featured content. 

For example, Netflix automatically plays trailers for popular movies and shows as soon as you log in. This way, users get a sneak peek of the content and are encouraged to keep watching.

Think about it: if you put your videos on your landing page and set them to autoplay, they will instantly catch the attention of visitors & automatically help to get more conversions.

Let's understand the entire process of the Flexi Video Autoplay feature within the FlexiFunnels tool, follow the below steps:

1. Begin by clicking on your profile name and selecting the "Flexi Video Autoplay" option.

2. Once inside the Flexi Video Autoplay, locate and click on the "Create New Video" option.

3. A pop-up will appear, prompting you to provide a video title and link. Choose between two options for adding the video URL: "YouTube Video" or "Video URL" (supporting formats like MP4 and Webm).

4. After entering the video URL, click the "Add" option. 

5. You'll be redirected to the specific dashboard for the video, where you can make modifications. Four key options are available: Appearance, Controls, Thumbnail, and Share.


a.) Appearance: Customize the player's look with options for player skin and player color. Choose from three skins named Skin 1, Skin 2, and Skin 3.

Player Skin: Skin 1, Skin2, and Skin3

Player color - Choose the specific color of your choice

b.) Controls: Configure settings related to video playback controls.

In the above screenshot, we have mentioned the meaning of all options available inside the controls

Autoplay: Decide whether the video should loop, play sound on click, start muted, or play if sound is possible.

Play Button: Keep toggle on to display the play/pause button

Play Bar: Keep toggle on to show the video's play bar.

Volume: Keep toggle on to display volume control.

Full Screen: Keep toggle on to enable the option for expanding the video width.

Repeat Play Video: Keep toggle on to automatically replay the video. 

 c.) Thumbnail: Upload a thumbnail for the video. Recommended size: 1280 × 720 pixels. 

d.) Share: Access options to share and embed the video within the editor. Two choices are available: "Video Embed Code" and "Video URL."

6. Copy the code or video URL from the share option and navigate to your editor. Drag the video element into the editor area and paste the code or URL.

7. After that click on the settings of the video element and then click on the advance settings there you get the options to add the video.

a.) Flexi Video - By choosing that option just select the video from the video list.

b.) Custom embed- By choosing that option you have to paste the code from the video embed code option from the video manager.

Congratulations!! You have added your video from the Flexi Video Autoplay successfully.

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