All Details of DRM Secured Course Videos Protection in FlexiFunnels

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FlexiFunnels provides you DRM Secured Videos Protection for your course videos.

This means you can upload your course videos directly in FlexiFunnels & they will be secured from the piracy risk on the internet. 

Course piracy is a common practice on the internet where Non-DRM Protected videos can easily be downloaded/screen recorded and then the scammers sell it for a very low price. This hurts the revenue of the course creators badly. Read this article to see how big a revenue loss course piracy is creating worldwide.

To help you overcome this challenge, we have provided you DRM Secured Videos Protection for your course videos.

4 Major Advantages of using FlexiFunnels DRM Secured Videos Protection:

  1. Your videos will be piracy secured. Helping you overcome future losses.

  2. Since we are providing DRM video security to bulk users, hence we are able to give you the lowest possible market pricing for the enhanced security of your course videos.

  3. To launch your course you have to host your course videos somewhere. Popular video hosting platforms like "Vimeo" and "Wistia" charge you a good monthly/yearly recurring fee to host your videos. Moreover, the videos hosted there are Non-DRM secured by default. By using DRM-secured videos in FlexiFunnels, you are getting Video Hosting + DRM video security. 

  4. To help you get started, we have given you 10 GB Storage & 100 GB Bandwidth of DRM Protected Videos Absolutely Free. 10 GB Storage tentatively means 50 videos of 10 minutes length of 1080 Pixel Quality compressed by a good video compressor.

To get started when you are adding video to your course in FlexiFunnels, you will find 3 options to add your video:

1. Youtube

2. Vimeo

3. Upload Video

The "Upload Video" option is the one that you need to use to get DRM protection for your course content.

Here are all the pointers you need to keep in mind for using DRM Protection for your course content in FlexiFunnels:

1. Use Razorpay or CashFree Payment Gateway - FlexiFunnels DRM Course Video Protection can only be used (as of now) if you are using Razorpay or CashFree payment gateway integration in FlexiFunnels. 

Here are the steps:

Step 1 - Create your course 

Step 2 - Integrate CashFree or Razorpay payment gateway

Step 3 - Create a checkout page inside FlexiFunnels. 

Step 4 - Start selling using the checkout page made on FlexiFunnels.

Full Steps Here =>  The entire process that you need to follow to create & sell your course in FlexiFunnels is instructed here.

If you are using the Razorpay payment gateway, it is important that you have enabled "Razorpay Route" in your Razorpay account. Click here to read the step-by-step instructions on how to enable Razorpay Route. If you have multiple Razorpay accounts connected to your FlexiFunnels account, please ensure Razorpay Route is enabled in all the accounts.

Please Note - We are working hard to integrate DRM-protected course video protection with other payment gateways as well. We should be able to make the integration live really soon.

2. Storage & Bandwidth Cost - To help you get started we have provided you with 10 GB Storage & 100 GB Bandwidth of DRM Secured course video protection absolutely free. 10 GB Storage tentatively means 50 videos of 10 minutes length of 1080 Pixel Quality compressed by a good video compressor.

Once you consume your free storage/bandwidth quota, there is a small fee you need to pay to get more bandwidth or storage. 

1 GB Storage Cost - INR 60/Year ($0.7)
1 GB Bandwidth Cost - INR 5 ($0.06)

(Please note dollar price keeps fluctuating).

To get more storage/bandwidth:

Step 1 - You need to click on the "My Profile" button inside your FlexiFunnels account.

Step 2 - Click on "video settings" & select the check-box (Check the screenshot below).

This is the minimum possible storage/bandwidth cost as per the regular market rates. We are actually paying from our pocket to help you get the storage/bandwidth at this low cost.

The best part is you can buy storage & bandwidth according to your REQUIREMENT whenever you need it. Unlike most video hosting providers where you have to pay a monthly charge does not matter whether you are consuming any bandwidth or storage. Over here we have created a pay-per-usage model for you. So you only pay for what you use. Rather than paying every month/year without even using it. 

This is a huge cost saver if you get the logic. To get an idea, you can go & check the monthly recurring market price of DRM-protected video streaming to know the real cost. Which is actually twice or sometimes thrice what we have made available for you. And that double costing is monthly/yearly recurring. While we have brought DRM Video streaming at half the cost at pay per usage model for you. This is a huge cost saver.

3. Compress Your Video File Size to Reduce The Storage & Bandwidth Cost - Use a video compressor to compress your video file size before uploading your video. This will reduce the video size & hence your cost. 

There are multiple video compressors available in the market that help you to compress your video file. We recommend using Handbrake application. It is free of cost & it does video compression without compromising on the quality of the video. Handbrake video compression reduces file size by almost 90%. That's a huge cost saver. Watch this video to see how easily you can compress a video using Handbrake.

Click here to download the Handbrake application
Or use this direct link -

Once you have compressed your videos, you can now upload them & get your course ready.

4. Your course is now DRM Security Video Protection Enabled - Here is everything that is being done to prevent your course piracy & illegal downloads:

  • Downloading Disabled - Your course videos cannot be downloaded anywhere on any device.

  • Screen Recording Prevention - Just like Netflix when someone will try to screen capture your course video, the screen will become black. DRM protection disables 99% of the screen-capturing risk

  • Video Watermarking - In case someone still manages to screen capture your course video content, it will have their email id & IP address on top of the video screen which will make it easy to track the person who did the illegal download & stop the course piracy

  • Course Sharing Prevention - Not just that, inside FlexiFunnels we have also ensured that your course can only be logged in from a maximum of 2 devices at the same time. This will ensure that your course buyer does not share their login access & there are people who can watch your course for free.

5. DRM Protection Course Streaming Fee - We have given DRM Protected 10 GB Storage & 100 GB Bandwidth absolutely Free to all the accounts. We have even provided you with Video Storage & Bandwidth at the lowest price possible at pay per usage model. All this plus video streaming is a direct cost to us. 

To help us cover that cost, there will be a small fee for your course DRM protection. But honestly, this very small fee is nothing in comparison to the loss that a course creator faces if their course gets pirated.

We have created fee slabs based on your course pricing.

Here it is:

Please Note:

  • The DRM Protection Fee will be automatically deducted when a buyer will purchase your course online

  • You cannot sell a DRM-protected course for less than Rs 100

  • There is a regular 1% transaction charge when you sell your product/services using the advanced checkout pages of FlexiFunnels which helps you convert more sales. This DRM protection fee is NOT an additional charge. So if your course price is Rs 10,000 or above, you will just be paying the regular 1% transaction fee. That's it. So there is no additional DRM Protection Fee for you. Similarly, if your course price is between Rs 5,000 - Rs 9,999, there will be a 1.5% total charge which is just a 0.5% additional DRM Protection Fee on top of the regular 1% transaction charge

  • If your course videos are hosted on Youtube or Vimeo, there will be no DRM Protection Fee applicable to your course sales. (However, they will not be DRM secured either). Only in your courses in which you have uploaded a DRM-protected video, the DRM Protection Fee would be applicable

  • IMPORTANT - We have negotiated with "Razorpay" & "CashFree" payment gateways a discounted transaction charge for FlexiFunnels customers. So when you sell your products/services using FlexiFunnels, you will be paying a MUCH LOWER transaction charge per sale than what you would have paid if you create an account with them directly. The discounted transaction charge will apply within 24-48 hours once you integrate your Razorpay/CashFree account with FlexiFunnels. So the DRM Protection Fee too gets nullified because of these discounted transaction charges we have got for you. So just imagine the transaction charge that you would have paid to Razorpay or CashFree if you were dealing with them directly, in literally the same transaction charge value we are helping you get DRM Protection for your course videos. So literally, we have made the DRM Protection Fee almost free for you and we have even ensured you would not pay any monthly/yearly recurring charge for DRM video hosting that you would have paid if you would have subscribed to any DRM Video service provider directly

6. Manually Adding/Importing a Course Member - FlexiFunnels has provided you with the feature to manually add/import course members.

Let's suppose your course buyer pays the course amount to you via UPI directly or uses any other payment method to pay the course amount to you directly. In this case, you will have to manually create access for your buyer by using the manual add/import feature of FlexiFunnels.

In the scenario when the course buyer has paid you directly, then you need to pay the DRM Protection Fee manually. 

Here's how you can do it:

Step 1 - Go to the "My Profile" section inside FlexiFunnels

Step 2 - Click on the "Add Members" button

Here you can pay the small DRM Protection Fee for the number of members you want to add & then you can add the same number of members to your course.

Additional Note from FlexiFunnels Founder - Saurabh Bhatnagar

Course piracy is a huge challenge for course creators. I have been a successful course seller myself in the past & I have faced massive course piracy issues. 

I used to sell my course "Timeline Domination" for Rs 28,000. Though we were making good sales. But every month we were losing at least 20-30 extra sales because of the course piracy. That's almost Rs 9 Lakh loss every month. Plus it is not just the revenue loss, it is also a loss of the successful case studies. That's a massive loss.

There were scammers who were reaching out to my social media followers, commenting on my ads & whatnot selling my course at a far lesser price.

It became so bad & came to a stage that we had to take action. We created a 2 member team just to stop piracy, prepared a sheet of all the scammers (see below), and then we had to work with a lawyer to officially take action against the ones who did not stop our course piracy. 

It took a massive amount of time, effort plus lawyer fees to get hold of the situation. Which we were never able to control completely 100%. There were more than 250+ names just in this sheet alone who were doing my course piracy.

It was a big time + effort + focus + revenue loss. 

That's the reason why when we decided to launch FlexiFunnels, we were very clear that we are gonna provide DRM video protection service to our customers. So you don't have to face & go through all the challenges & losses that I had to face. 

We have worked extensively for a good 6 months alone just to ensure course DRM Protection for you when you sell your course on FlexiFunnels. And that too we have provided to you at the lowest possible market price.

Just to give you an idea of the market pricing, here is a screenshot of the email I received from Vimeo after my course started doing decent sales.

So as you can notice I am getting Non-DRM Video Hosting from Vimeo for a $0.10/GB Bandwidth price when I am choosing the 25,000 GB Annual plan. And $0.07/GB Bandwidth price when I am choosing the 100,000 GB Annual plan. 

The problem here is:

  • This video hosting provided by Vimeo is Non-DRM secured. So my course is always on the risk of piracy which actually happened

  • The price I am paying is MUCH MORE. Whereas in comparison inside FlexiFunnels we have provided you DRM Secured video hosting for just $0.06/GB bandwidth price

  • It does not matter how much GB of Bandwidth/Storage I will consume with Vimeo, I will have to pay the full amount to Vimeo. This is again a loss because obviously, I have never used the full quota of Storage/Bandwidth. Plus, I have to commit to the annual plan which means I have to pay the price annually even if I am not using it. Whereas in FlexiFunnels we have ensured you only pay for the storage/bandwidth that you are using and nothing more

In short, I was paying more amount per GB bandwidth & Storage to Vimeo than FlexiFunnels (almost double) for Non-DRM video hosting which can be easily pirated and I was not even consuming my full storage/bandwidth quota. So I am at a huge loss in every way. 

Inside FlexiFunnels, we have ensured the lowest cost for you that too for DRM-secured content and that too for only the storage/bandwidth you are consuming.

So as you can see we have done everything from our side to ensure you are getting the highest quality service at the minimum possible pricing with amazing extra deliverables.

Please Note:

We are not able to provide you DRM Protection for courses priced below Rs 100. That's because as we mentioned earlier DRM Video Protection is expensive and it will be impossible for us to sustain if you sell your course for less than Rs 100. Because the DRM Protection Fee would be way too less for us to sustain the service.

And as it is for your course which is selling for less than Rs 100, no one would bother to do piracy & sell it for a lower price. So that's not a problem for you either. So you can put your course videos on Youtube or Vimeo in this case & then host your course on FlexiFunnels.

(Note - If you host your course videos on Youtube or Vimeo or any other 3rd party, then the DRM Protection Fee does not apply to that course).

For your higher priced courses, you have to definitely ensure they are DRM-level secured to avoid all the troubles + losses that you can face in future, all the ones that I had to face. 

But don't worry you won't have to face them. We have ensured this for you :)

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