Header Navbar (Menu Element) Settings

Modified on Tue, 25 Apr 2023 at 05:14 PM

STEP - 1 

Add a "Header Navbar" Section to the Flexifunnels Landing page editor.

STEP - 2

Edit the "Header Navbar " Section settings to add Sub Menu and Menu.


Menu and Sub-Menu Settings

Using this setting, one can edit Menu items and Submenus in a particular menu item.

Add Menu - On clicking "Add Menu," One more menu item will be added. 

Add Sub-Menu -

Click on Submenu to edit/add the Submenu of that Menu item -

 On clicking "Add Sub- Menu," One more Sub menu item will be added inside the Selected Menu item.

Edit -  One can edit the Submenu/ menu text using the edit setting from the "add text" option.

Add Link - Add your link where the User will be directed once he clicks on the menu/submenu item.

To Open it - Select the window where the link should be opened.

Delete - By clicking the delete icon, the submenu/menu item will be deleted.

Image Settings

Show Image - One can check the checkbox to show an Image in the Header Navbar.

Select Image - Select the image to be displayed in the Header Navbar from this option.

Image Action - Enter the URL on which the User should be directed once he clicks the image. One can choose the window in which the link should be opened.

Menu Style Settings

Text size - Change the size of the text.

Font family - Change the font family of the selected text element.

Font weight - change the font weight. For example - bold, normal, Ligh.

Text Color - Change the color of the Selected Menu/Submenu text element.

Background Color - Change the color of the Select Menu/Submenu element. 

Image - One can change the Height and Width of the Image used in the Header navbar.

Hamburger Settings

For mobile view, we have a hamburger that you customize in your way.

Icon Color - One can change the color of 3 lines inside the hamburger.

Background Color - The color will be changed inside the box of hamburger 

Border Color - The color of the outer lines of the hamburger will be changed with this setting

This is how you can do the designing of hamburger of Navbar :)

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