Membership & Course Creation Process

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 Course Creation - PART 1 

Course Creation - PART 2

Course Access & Membership Product Creation in FlexiFunnels

How to create a membership?

In order to create a membership site, one needs to create a membership project.


On Dashboard Settings, Click on "Projects".

Click on the "+create new" button displayed on the Projects Screen.




Select Launch a course option and Then type your "Project name" and click on the "create project" button.

After completing these steps, The Screen will look like this.

Click on the Membership area to set up the settings of the membership site.


Create a new module - Click on the button to add a module under membership sites.

For example - a course can have 11 modules, and it can have 10 lessons under that module.


One can customize the module settings such as module name, description, logo, and Module image.

Click on “save” to add a module.

Once a module is added, one can edit the module settings, using these settings.

1- Import Videos - one can import videos directly from Vimeo and youtube.

Click on the icon to open the settings from where one can import youtube videos and playlists.


P.S. - One can only integrate personal Vimeo videos if one has integrated their Vimeo account with Flexifunnels.


2- Add content Lesson - One can add content lessons inside the modules, using this setting.

3 - Add Video lessons - One can add video lessons inside the modules, using this setting.

4 - Edit Module - One can edit the module settings, by using this setting.

5 - Delete - One can delete a module by using this setting.


Course Name and Tagline


One can set the course name and tagline, using these fields.


Click on the “SAVE” button, once done with the settings.


Pricing Settings 


One can create different bundles, using the pricing settings on the flexifunnels membership site.


For example - Timeline Domination is a  course with all the videos and content, let's call it Bundle A


Timeline Domination Lite is a course having some videos from Timeline domination, let's call it Bundle B


In the above image, Bundle A has only included some videos from Module 1 and excluded Module 2.


So one can create multiple bundles from pricing settings, using these settings.


One can set rules in the product settings, to give access to the created bundles.


Sender Information


One can send the sender's email id and Name, from which the membership access to the enrolled members will be sent.


Click on “sender information” to set the sender's email ID and Name.


After clicking the button, this popup will be seen, where one can set sender information.



This is how one can create a membership Site using these settings.

Multiple Course Creation inside one Login.

You can create multiple courses inside one membership project inside FlexiFunnels.

The process of creating multiple courses inside FlexiFunnels will be the same as creating a single course.

You just need to click on the "+Add New course" button to add a new membership area in order to create and add one more course.

All the courses made inside each membership area will be accessible by your users if it is included in the bundle settings and they have access to the product where the bundle includes all courses.

The membership area (course) not included in the bundle settings will not be accessible and will be locked by default.

You can provide upgrade links to your locked courses and lessons from the upgrade link settings.

You can learn more about the upgrade link settings here -

Course Access Restriction.

Course Access restriction is a setting for restricting access to a course under the following scenarios.

1.) You can b
egin access to a course at a specific date 

2.) You can restrict access to a specific amount of days (from the course purchase date)

Create a New Project and choose the Launch a Course option to create a membership project and Add a New Course; if you already have a project created, navigate inside the project and choose your existing course.

  1. Click the Course settings option under the Settings dropdown.

         2.  You can find the Course Access section with two checkbox options and you can choose either of the options or both depending on your requirements. 

Let's discuss both the options below 

Option 1:  Begin access at a specific date

When you select the checkbox, then a textbox opens below.    

Click on the textbox, and the date picker will open

You can choose the date from which this course will be accessible to the members, 

All the members can access the course on the date specified by you. 

When the members try to view the course before the date specified by you, they will get a  message stating the course availability based on the number of days left for the start of the course. 


Option 2:  Restrict access to a specific amount of days (from the course purchase date)

Here you can basically set the expiry of a course to a specific number of days from the date of purchase. 

The members can view and access the course from the purchase date, based on the number of days entered here.

Beyond this (the mentioned number of days) the users will not be able to view the contents and the course access will expire. 


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